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I'm damned by what people think. A Best Actor nomination came the following year for his persona-defining role in Five Easy Pieces , which includes his famous chicken salad dialogue about getting what you want.

Bio of jack nicholson

Today, it's hard for people who weren't there to realize the impact that Brando had on an audience. I worked with him because I wanted to be a film director and I thought I could learn from a master. However, he was disappointed with how the film turned out, and blamed the editing which turned it into a "predictable" film, and said so publicly.

Bio of jack nicholson

Bio of jack nicholson

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  1. That's why I did the movie. This is the worst period ever for trying to do interesting work.

  2. Nicholson and Black were nominated for Academy Awards for their performances. They think of my reputation, Jack the Jumper.

  3. He was also offered the role of Gordon Gecko in Wall Street , but he was committed to Ironweed I don't want to be lying around, dying in Cedar's Sinai Hospital and thinking that I was as stupid enough, a man who is as petrified of dying as I am, to have done it to myself.

  4. Within a few years he reached his peak a nuanced performer mastering his art from film to film. I jumped up, went outside and some time later woke up on the driveway.

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