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It's a great place to be. Juvenile blue and purple belts will have two open class divisions; Open Class Light, from rooster to lightweight and Open Class Heavy, from middle to ultra-heavyweight. There are many classes to choose from at a time to suit you and and your family, all in air conditioned premises!

Bjj bankstown

All the medals should be picked up at the event's podium. As this is the last competition of the year we are extremely proud of all our competitors who fought this year. Make sure you have it on hand.

Bjj bankstown

Bjj bankstown

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  1. Martial arts offers an array of benefits, mentally, physically, emotionally and socially.

  2. Athletes must register in Open Class within 15 minutes after receiving their medal awards.

  3. Just like someone recommended it to me, I recommend it to everyone else.

  4. The classes not only focuses on the techniques but also on fitness and conditioning.

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