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I can't wait to have my BOOB girls some day!!!! On Tuesday, Jolene, from Auckland, took to social media to explain what the march was about but broke down crying when trolls harassed her while she spoke in a live video.

Boobgirls com

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Boobgirls com

Boobgirls com

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  1. Madeline Anello-Kitzmiller and Jolene Guillum-Scott launched the 'glittery march for consent' this week after Madeline was groped while topless at a festival in New Zealand last month. Would the events in this story really happen?

  2. But within 24 hours of promoting the protest, due to take place later this month, aspiring writer Madeline, 20, and makeup artist Jolene, 22, began receiving abusive messages - which left Jolene in tears.

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