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If you have any useful info about this model, you can collaborate with us if you want to. So if you have a goo pair of modern headphones with powerful bass, I commit you to not use it with the DOL system or you are in serious danger to be blowed out by the huge bass of the DOL system.


SONY developed the DOL Dynamic Optimun Loudness system and integrated it on some of their top-level HI-FI products on amplifiers and equalizers and decided to include for the first time on a walkman, so they can compensate the typical poor bass response on portable players. Itsn't common to feel such power of bass frecuently. Some listeners might find it excessive with certain types of music, but switching back to normal sound after listening with DOL seems to drain all the color from the music.



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  1. Dynamic bass amplification works by amplifying much more at low volume than at higher levels, because of the way the human ear works.

  2. Detail of the green switch "Ultra Phonic". Then I tested the same with the original SONY DR-S headphones and felt that the bass was a less powerful, much more balanced, so I believe that those headphones were really finely adjusted to the Boodo Khan or the DOL system was adjusted to those headphones.

  3. The Panasonic RX-SA80 was the world's first walkman to have a bass amplification system, but it was not dynamic but fixed. To my taste, bass is like ketchup; it only goes well on certain foods.

  4. Misuse of this Walkman could prove fatal.

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