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To watch a video of silent speed dating, go to dailycamera. It's a group that's really interested in serving the community," she added. Instead of focusing on your past stories, or even the checklist of what you want in the future, he says, he wanted to create a dating space where people could simply be present in the moment and practice awareness and consciousness.

Boulder speed dating

There's Shhh Dating in London. The training was sparked by a inclusivity study commissioned by the Community Foundation Serving Boulder County, which partnered with the county in

Boulder speed dating

Boulder speed dating

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  1. The program is designed to address "an imbalance between what the population of Boulder County looks like versus its leadership, particularly when it comes to civic leadership and elected leadership," Foundation Program Director Elvira Ramos said.

  2. In terms of romance, it's a lot easier to move from the heart than speak from the heart, says Kenda Seoane, who helps organize the events. Chattering away, pairs come together and separate, quickly sizing each other up, hoping to find the right match.

  3. The training covers everything from business budgets to the division of labor between boards and executive directors.

  4. Do a crazy dance. He also has a background in Sacred Sexuality practices, and he thought silent speed dating would be a way to share some of those relationship exercises with the wider community in a less intimidating way.

  5. There's nothing wrong with other forms of dating, she says.

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