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Acknowledge the fact that your ADHD symptoms are interfering with your relationship. This can lead to difficulty finishing tasks as well as general household chaos. Put an immediate stop to verbal attacks and nagging.

Boyfriend with adhd

This can lead to difficulty finishing tasks as well as general household chaos. Stop fighting and start communicating. The good news is that you can turn these problems around.

Boyfriend with adhd

Boyfriend with adhd

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  1. Trying harder made both her and her husband feel resentful and hopeless. It often starts when the partner with ADHD fails to follow through on tasks, such as forgetting to pay the cable bill, leaving clean laundry in a pile on the bed, or leaving the kids stranded after promising to pick them up.

  2. Non-ADHD spouses often carry the vast proportion of the family responsibilities and can never let their guard down.

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  4. You may want to write the points down so you can reflect on them later.

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