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To find out, we just asked him… Hi Philippe! That just shows how big the impact Shazam has been. So it was a completely new life for me.

Bull chat

What was your first reaction when he shared the idea with you? So yeah, that was that! Or did this concept only come to mind later on, when you were already working together?

Bull chat

Bull chat

You starting to find out who bull chat world is, right now. When in buy I came from a obituary background. To find out, we untamed considered him… Hi Philippe!. Bull chat

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  1. If somebody ever tells you they could predict the impact of the iPhone, they are only wishing they had such foresight!

  2. I decided to turn down the offer in favour of backpacking, but then Berkeley sent me a letter in which they told me I got accepted there.

  3. So when it was released in , it exceeded our wildest expectations, we were ready to take full advantage.

  4. I even heard Jimmy Fallon say he uses the app 4 times every day to see which artists he wants to book in his show. What was your first reaction when he shared the idea with you?

  5. You had to put your phone as close to the source of music as possible while it was recording the sound. We knew we wanted to start our own company eventually, but we had absolutely no idea what it was going to be about.

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