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Stephen Fry has a part in one of his autobiographies where he describes first finding queer authors, and how deeply and secretly he would have to search for these books to find any kind of self-recognition. Well, the interest has always been mainly in the nuances of camp. Three straight bowl wins and back-to-back nine-win seasons prove that.

Butch meme

Here we have a set of three images tracing prolific lesbian theatre actresses. But what about Alabama?!

Butch meme

Butch meme

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  1. It kind of stays fresh in that way. We used to have a WhatsApp group with some other dykes where we would try to pinpoint certain camp qualities — like the recognition one feels when other dykes walk; we call it the 10 to 2 walk.

  2. It would, but when preseason expectations are applied, the reality of the regular season is sometimes lost.

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