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Excluding Ymir and Nowa, the cast ranges from D-Cup and above. The school festival episode does show that sizes vary, but the ones on the lower end of the scale despite being pretty chesty are more upset compared to the larger girls. Despite being very dramatic and nearly devoid of comedy or mention of them, the entire female cast with the exception of the flat-chested android have very large breasts that Gainax Bounce with every turn.

Buxom chicks

In Sekirei , the vast majority of female Sekirei have very large breasts. So the rampant Clothing Damage ensures you'll be looking at fully exposed breasts nearly every episode.

Buxom chicks

Buxom chicks

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  1. On the other hand, there's also many female characters whose whole bodies are large enough to make their large breasts seem normal. All of the competitors in Keijo!!!!!!!!

  2. Nearly every female, aside from Alice and Asami, has D-Cups or bigger. Any girl over the age of 13 in Psychic Academy is going to be a C cup at the very smallest.

  3. One Piece didn't really start out this way. Excluding Ymir and Nowa, the cast ranges from D-Cup and above.

  4. This does exactly nothing to narrow things down for Kuu.

  5. When Ai-chan finds a copy of the very anime that they are a part of inside his apartment, she even forbids him from watching it because of all the large breasts in it. Hell, they go so far as to change boob size mid-scene in the name of fanservice.

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