Cafe brazil deep ellum


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My mother had the classic pancake breakfast. Despite its name, Cafe Brazil does not offer Brazilian fare. My favorite is the Deep Ellum Cafe Brazil.

Cafe brazil deep ellum

This place is just overrated. Ride your bike there, by the way. My organic Chai tea latte on the rocks tasted like any other I have tasted.

Cafe brazil deep ellum

Cafe brazil deep ellum

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  1. The original Cafe Brazil was in Lakewood another cool place.

  2. The Suburban locations are a bit more open and shiny, though they still work on the funky ambiance, while the more urban spots feel cramped and thrown together… perfect.

  3. The original Cafe Brazil was in Lakewood another cool place. Like everything in Deep Ellum the echoes of old blues permeates the brick and dust and adds a bit of spice to the El Gordo Crepes I usually order.

  4. Unfortunately that spot is no more. I like the Richardson location.

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