Canadian fiancee visa


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Articles By Guidy Mamann: How you can get your fiance sponsored through Canadian common-law partner sponsorship in Canada How you can get your fiance sponsored through Canadian common-law partner sponsorship in Canada Love has no boundaries and a mere geopolitical intricacy cannot stop a person to love beyond his or her geographical boundary. Here is the brief insight detail of this process that might help a person who wants to live with their conjugal partner in Canada.

Canadian fiancee visa

CIC may reason that if you were prepared to lie to them once for immigration related reasons…you may be lying to them now in connection with the application for permanent residence. A conjugal partner is, in relation to a sponsor, a foreign national residing outside Canada who has been in a conjugal relationship with the sponsor for at least one year. You can sponsor a:

Canadian fiancee visa

Canadian fiancee visa

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  1. Measures to be taken after Application Petition to sponsor spouse for immigration to Canada Once the application is petitioned, it is important to validate the form by the immigrant authority.

  2. If you lie and say you met here, you will have to abandon real evidence about your relationship in favour of weaker, fabricated evidence.

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