Cancer and sagittarius relationship compatibility


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The coziness that Cancer brings to their home makes the Sagittarius sun sign natives feel comfortable, cherished, and cared for. They are quite sexual, but only once the door is shut! Conclusion This combination is workable and can extend through a lifetime if both Cancer and Sagittarius lay off their negative qualities.

Cancer and sagittarius relationship compatibility

They also have a softer side, in which the supportive and faithful qualities of their personality are displayed. Without a great deal of work and a huge amount of compromise on both sides, the signs for Sagittarius and Cancer compatibility are not all that hopeful. The carefree nature of Sagittarius can at times also be a hindrance for Cancer's need for societal approval.

Cancer and sagittarius relationship compatibility

Cancer and sagittarius relationship compatibility

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  1. The cons in this relationship are a little different from other unions. They are ardent lovers and loyal to a fault.

  2. Sagittarius men and women are open and completely un-hinged. This, couple with co-dependence, can lead to personality problems for both the zodiacs.

  3. If attraction and love are born between them, they will rarely have a damaging relationship for any one of them, because their signs are ruled by the Moon and beneficent Jupiter. Sagittarius love new experiences and are thus avid travelers, spontaneous voyagers, and probable foodies.

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