Cannon falls cliff jumping


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There can be some kind of obstruction under water when you take the leap," she said. A quick Google search brings up dozens of videos. Johnson said that helped keep people from trespassing until just recently.

Cannon falls cliff jumping

There is also the sheriff's water patrol, but with 38 miles of river and the entire lake, they can't always be watching for cliff jumpers either. A few things worth mentioning sorry for the long post:

Cannon falls cliff jumping

Cannon falls cliff jumping

Byllesby cliff mother incidents spike By Sarah Gorvin on Jul 23, at 4: This was mainly based on resting platform diving here. Cannon falls cliff jumping

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  1. Johnson added that at the very base of the cliff, there is a sandy platform where the water is only about two- to three-feet deep.

  2. A quick Google search brings up dozens of videos. But that doesn't mean the danger isn't there.

  3. Johnson attributes the recent spike to social media and the Internet. Neither Johnson nor Chestnut said that there have been a high number of serious injuries in the last couple of years for Byllesby jumpers.

  4. Life Jackets - A life jacket is a bad idea.

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