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Overcoming All Odds A young man in the barren mountainous land of central Vietnam, who is paralyzed from the waist down was shunted by society as a burden. The money is then in turn lent to others in the community to help spawn new dreams and endeavors. Residential Parenting Assessments Care 2 Share offers a level of staff supervision and input appropriate to each case including higher levels of continuous monitoring or 1:


The nine-year-old helped in the field, the seven-year-old babysit the five year old, and both parents worked on the field. Ninety-nine percent of funding raised goes directly to projects in Vietnam. Through a process of support, guidance, education and advice, Care 2 Share provides a flexible, positive and facilitative environment to enable parents to make necessary changes in order to improve areas of difficulties and to build on their strengths.



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  1. Across both family centres, Care 2 Share is able to offer 11 family placements to the local authorities and professionals.

  2. All placements are subject to a risk assessment prior to a placement commencing and Care 2 Share work closely with allocated professionals and commissioners to ensure that a family receives the right level of support to ensure that children are not at risk of significant harm. This post is also available in:

  3. Our beneficiaries are primarily those who live in remote locations or ethnic minorities; those who have little or no access to domestic or international help.

  4. Everyone capable must pitch in. Each parenting assessment is individually planned and regular progress reports are provided.

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