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Although the camera was still a relatively new technology, he had been an early enthusiast, starting in , and he found no shortage of friends who wanted him to make likenesses of them or their children. The fairytale world satirizes English society, and more specifically the world of academia. But even they are an imperfect source.

Carroll myth

I am not about to suggest by this that all modern biographers of Lewis Carroll are wilful story-tellers or incompetent fantasists. Stedman, and they believed the attack and a consequent attack to be an "epileptiform" seizure initially thought to be fainting, but Brooks changed his mind.

Carroll myth

Carroll myth

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  1. The study set is infiltrated by a rich red vine over its window; various Carroll poems receive enactments of varying strangeness 'The Walrus and the Carpenter' finally becomes the horror we all knew it was ; music from a piano and what I suspect is a clarinet creeps us out whilst being, taken in isolation, equally suitable for a Petrarchan landscape.

  2. Sylvie and Bruno came out in two volumes and is considered a lesser work, although it has remained in print for over a century.

  3. Carroll entwines two plots set in two alternative worlds, one set in rural England and the other in the fairytale kingdoms of Elfland, Outland, and others.

  4. He appears to have invented — or at least certainly popularized — the "doublet" see word ladder , a form of brain-teaser that is still popular today, changing one word into another by altering one letter at a time, each successive change always resulting in a genuine word. That she was the sole inspiration for his genius; that she inhabited the place in his heart, occupied in more normal lives by adult friends and by lovers.

  5. He told the story to Alice Liddell and she begged him to write it down, and Dodgson eventually after much delay presented her with a handwritten, illustrated manuscript entitled Alice's Adventures Under Ground in November

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