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A pocket can be chosen by clicking on its line, and multiple pockets can be chosen at once. CASTp can be used to study surface features and functional regions of proteins.


These topographic features provide structural basis and micro-environments for proteins to carry out their functions such as ligand binding, DNA interaction and enzymatic activity. The first step is the detection of active sites on the protein surface and an exact description of their features and boundaries.



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  1. These results can be accessed by the PDB code or ligand name. The alpha shape method has also been applied in other studies of cavities and channels in protein structures 9 ,

  2. Each type of measurement can be shown or hidden using the Columns menu: Computational methods for identifying and predicting functional sites in protein structures are increasingly becoming important in structural biology and bioinformatics not only for understanding the function of the molecule in detail but also for structure-based design of possible ligands and potential drugs as well as modified protein molecules.

  3. This new method uses information derived from calculations of the buriedness of potential binding-sites.

  4. Identify and measure surface accessible pockets as well as interior inaccessible cavities, for proteins and other molecules.

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