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Keepnets are basically portable live wells for bank fishermen You can use the keep net to keep fish alive to use as live bait, you can use the keepnet as a cooler to keep the fish alive until you are ready to fillet them or you can use the keepnet to take a picture of your entire day's catch before releasing them. Check out Steve Douglas' video on how he ties a Kentucky Rig:

Catfish getters

Using a line clip to cast accurately is nothing new. We built and tested each of these with success. Also explain why I'm setting it where i am along with a couple catches an pics.

Catfish getters

Catfish getters

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  1. Maybe it's because I use braided line. For more details on catfish rigs check out the resources at Catfish Edge through the link below http:

  2. Sometimes the leader knot will pull tight to the hook when I do this, but I simply retie the leader and add a new weight. This channel is all about you guessed it Fishing!

  3. Hopefully this helps some of you create your own poles and make some memories out on the river! Follow Us on Social Media!

  4. Even though the diddy pole broke, I explain in the video why I still fully believe in the Hawg Lawg product, and I still think everyone interested in bank pole fishing for flathead or any catfish should try them out.

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