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Margaret Thatcher took a particularly firm line, though other western governments were more equivocal. MI5 along with other western security services have had to develop a new approach.


There are obviously likely to be enormous problems if one country, on receipt of some intelligence, alerts the government, mobilises the special forces, grounds all aircraft and closes the frontiers, while another discounts it as a fabrication and ignores it. And fourthly they rely on their security and police services to get advance intelligence, so that terrorist operations can be thwarted and the terrorists arrested.



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  1. Although perhaps best known for leading the agency's notorious "Molehunt" -- the search for a Soviet spy believed to have infiltrated the upper levels of the American government -- Angleton also played a key role in the U.

  2. In MI5 we played a leading role in developing these networks. Even after Yasser Arafat on behalf of the PLO renounced violence in , other so-called "rejectionist" organisations, such as the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine and the Abu Nidal group, continued the terrorist operations.

  3. If you are to share the most sensitive intelligence, often obtained from human sources in very dangerous positions, you need to know that the service which is receiving it is competent.

  4. They all had their own theses or ideas for solutions, which very often involved creating new pan-European structures to overarch the national bodies which existed already.

  5. In such a fevered atmosphere it is easy to start jumping to conclusions, and we, like others, found that our early assessments later turned out to be incorrect.

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