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Paper towels serve as the substrate, as I prefer not to do naturalistic enclosures with my Rhacodactylus. Plenty of foliage either real or artificial should also be used, but unlike ciliatus, chahoua prefer to rest on the branches themselves and not in the foliage.


Commercial cricket food is available at local pet stores, or you can also feed them fresh fruits and vegetables. Fecal matter should be removed immediately with a complete cleaning occurring every month. Feed a number of appropriately sized crickets approximately two times a week with a twice weekly feeding of a commercially available Rhacodactylus powered diet, fresh pureed fruit or baby food mixed with a calcium and mineral supplement offered in a shallow dish.



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  1. Some females, however, ignore their lay boxes and prefer to keep you on your toes, hunting for eggs.

  2. A minimum size of mm wide x mm deep x mm high is recommended for an adult pair. The first step in breeding chahouas is to sex your chahoua.

  3. Average being 70 days.

  4. Commercial cricket food is available at local pet stores, or you can also feed them fresh fruits and vegetables.

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