Cheetahs salem oregon


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Haven't gone back since I've been married. Club is nice, food was decent but who doesn't like free food, some of the music was very old not what I like.

Cheetahs salem oregon

Got two dances for two different prices one much better than the other. The club serves customers 18 and older and doesn't offer alcohol, which means Oregon's Liquor Control Commission doesn't check the age of the strippers. Prices for drink and dances were nothing out of the ordinary, cant remember exact prices but never thought it was to much.

Cheetahs salem oregon

Cheetahs salem oregon

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  1. I'm fairly new to the strip club scene but this was by far my best trip.

  2. We arrived early, around 8: The state's Bureau of Labor and Industries offers a hotline for live entertainment workers so that they know their rights.

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