Chinese nonverbal communication


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The Chinese and other East Asian cultures are known to place the most emotional importance on the eyes when expressing and recognizing emotions. Instead a number is added to the sentence to tweak the meaning. Young children are early nurtured to include others in their conversations by avoiding talking too much about themselves.

Chinese nonverbal communication

China is not a touch-oriented society. For example, it is quite common for them to walk along arm in arm.

Chinese nonverbal communication

Chinese nonverbal communication

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  1. Nonverbal language includes not only gestures, which are part of the body language but also mimics, which are facial expressions. Westerners are encouraged to defend their ideas which may even lead to a confrontation or debate for the purpose of getting the other person to agree with their way of thinking.

  2. Movement of body parts, facial expressions or even the style of dress affects how Chinese communicate and how a person from other culture responds to them.

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