Chloracne symptoms


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In three of the 13 persons with secondary coproporphyrinuria, elevated porphyrin levels persisted upon retesting in , but were attributed by the authors to liver damage and alcohol consumption; elevated levels returned to normal in the remaining 10 cases Doss et al. The data on Vietnam veterans potentially exposed to Agent Orange and other herbicides are less convincing. In some cases the lesions may disappear within two years or so; however, in other cases the lesions may be effectively permanent mean duration of lesions in one study was 26 years, with some workers remaining disfigured over three decades after exposure.

Chloracne symptoms

Three cohorts were identified, each with differing probable exposures based on the amount and reliability of exposure information, but no quantitative exposure estimates were available. There have been no reported animal studies suggesting that TCDD or other herbicides are associated with changes resembling human diabetes. In some instances, chloracne may not appear for three to four weeks after toxic exposure; however, in other cases—particularly in events of massive exposure—the symptoms may appear within days.

Chloracne symptoms

Chloracne symptoms

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  1. In group C, 22 of 41 workers still had mild forms of chloracne at follow-up.

  2. No evidence of chloracne was found among cleanup workers following the Seveso accident Assennato et al. Chronic health impairment due to 2,3,7,8-tetrachloro-dibenzo-p-dioxin exposure.

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