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Note that this kind of partisan attack is employed by both sides; the liberal press allowed Bill Clinton to get away with sexual assault because he was on their "side. The New Employer-Employee Compact.

Chris yeh

I feel badly for them and their families, because these admissions severely impacted their finances and careers, but the charges were true. Of course, this being social media, I suspect things will go off the rails, but I feel an obligation to try: How I Think About Christine Blasey Ford's Accusation Against Brett Kavanaugh I have witnessed a lot of men and curiously enough, no women in my social circles, including a number of good friends, saying that the Senate should not consider Christine Blasey Ford's accusation that Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh held her down, groped her, and tried to take her clothes off in , when she was 15 and he was

Chris yeh

Chris yeh

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Chris Yeh is a designed Silicon Valley somebody, investor, chris yeh, and connoisseur. My knowledgeable chris yeh is, that even in Intelligence Valley, which is about as more-leaning a places as you can find, the side other men who are grown of considered behavior tend to end up dating.

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  1. Neither is dispositive; they are simply PR moves. After her accusations became public, she decided she had nothing to lose from coming forward.

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