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Both women explain that being sexually open does not make them slutty. All comments get moderated, so yours will show up as "awaiting moderation" every time. All things are lawful, but not all things edify.

Christian goth girl

That said, it is still extremely important to always know our motives for why we are drawn to certain things. First and foremost, it is important to remember that regardless of what movement or sub-culture someone associates themselves with, we are called to love and respect them. One cannot bring glory to God by being a cynical, angry, rebellious person.

Christian goth girl

Christian goth girl

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  1. There is a plethora of Christian musicians that will sing on topics previously labeled as "emo" and "stupid. While some involved in Emo subculture might be just thinking depression is cool and "faking" it, it's really not glamorous at all.

  2. Some people are able to thrive and shine in these sort of environments, but not everyone is equipped to do that.

  3. Some people will use the darkness of a topic or a piece of writing or artwork to be reminded of how bright the good and pure things truly do shine. It is the heart that God searches 1 Chronicles

  4. There are people in God's Kingdom who take their interest and attraction to darker, heavier topics and use them as part of their ministry for God.

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