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We can't enjoy movies like we used to because we are too busy critiquing it instead of just enjoying. In the United States, New York City was often seen as the center of cinephile culture, [1] due to the wide variety of films available to see at any given time. If it's not the dialogue, it's the cinematography, if not that then it is the writing.


Definition[ edit ] In a review of a book on the history of cinephilia, Mas Generis writes: At the same time, the Parisian cinephilic culture became increasingly politicized. As cinemaphiles, we watch movies through a different lens than most people do.



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  1. They must be clever, captivating, and descriptive from the jump or else the reader will lose interest.

  2. It's like a beer guy not being able to tolerate bud light any more. It sounds like I'm a stiff-nosed movie Nazi who's ready to bash anyone who has taste I don't agree with.

  3. Every year only a few movies can really immerse us as much as they used to.

  4. Post-war French cinephilia[ edit ] Perhaps the most notable cinephilic community of the 20th century was the one that developed in Paris in the decades following World War II. I had to remember that film is subjective and really as long as they're enjoying the film and having fun that's all that really matters.

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