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The landmark in Marrakech is Djemma-al-Fnaa, the giant central square where all human life is to be found. However, the Club Med atmosphere is always a good one and the assistant Manager, Teddy Tillman, and the GO team helped to make my stay an excellent one. Thankfully there is plenty of opportunity to burn off the calories in Palmeraie.

Club med morocco reviews

Money does not change hands unless you are in one of the on-site shops or want to hit the special wine list. Next morning there was a green stain on my T shirt.

Club med morocco reviews

Club med morocco reviews

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  1. There is, of course, a spa.

  2. It is not easy to argue with a man holding a cobra but I got him down to ten for the photo opp.

  3. There is, of course, a spa. I found my time here very relaxing and enjoyable.

  4. I wasn't offered drugs on the square but many people are.

  5. It was a steal! He may have been required to let me win but he was convincing.

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