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Keep reading to learn more about why coregasms happen and how to have one of your own. Leg raises on one of these things deliver coregasms faster than most other poses, especially if you extend your legs straight out. The exact way in which you move your body to perform each exercise may also affect your ability to coregasm.


At different points in the cycle this may be more likely to occur than at others. L-Sits and hanging tuck exercises from rings or a bar are common culprits, but even pull-ups have been known to cause these issues in fact, pull-ups were the culprit for me when I was younger.



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  1. Coregasms occur independently of sexual thoughts and fantasies.

  2. Your ability to coregasm may be determined by your anatomy, emotional state, and muscle strength at the time of your workout. Eventually, I could have a coregasm on command.

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