Cougars and toyboys


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It was common, initially at least, for mainstream media articles about celebrity cougars to celebrate these relationships as a form of female empowerment and a reflection of cougar women's youthful appearance. Night and day do not cohabit, but matters of the flesh are a different kettle of fish.

Cougars and toyboys

Are there historical connections between age differences and marriage patterns e. Overall, however, there are a number of widespread assumptions about these relationships that appear throughout the mainstream media's coverage of them. They want the best of both worlds:

Cougars and toyboys

Cougars and toyboys

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  1. Many women in these relationships confess that they are enamoured by the physique and the boundless energy of the young men and the relationship makes them feel young. This challenges a common claim:

  2. These women also do not help matters.

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