Cougars in sydney


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They are just looking for love, happiness and fun," he says. Come on a weeknight to participate in their popular trivia competition. And it is as though these women offer fewer complications than someone a little younger.

Cougars in sydney

In a culture where the register of a woman's worth continues to be her appearance, older women are quite generally panned. Her boyfriend Pete, who is five years younger, is ''one of the oldest I've been with for a long time'', she said. The number of single men in the same age range was just ,, or 24 per cent of that population.

Cougars in sydney

Cougars in sydney

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  1. All while keeping your eyes out for fresh cougar meat. And it is as though these women offer fewer complications than someone a little younger.

  2. J, a year-old cub from Ireland. And, contrary to the popular view, many women actively eschew commitment.

  3. They have a lot of energy … that just says it all, right?

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