Covertly aggressive


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He said something like: Guilt-tripping — One thing that aggressive personalities know well is that other types of persons have very different consciences than they do.

Covertly aggressive

A yes-or-no question can and should be answered with one word. There are many different kinds of ego defenses and the more traditional psychodynamic theories of personality have always tended to distinguish the various personality types, at least in part, by the types of ego defenses they prefer to use. Recognizing the inherent aggression in manipulative behavior and becoming more aware of the slick, surreptitious ways that manipulative people prefer to aggress against us is extremely important.

Covertly aggressive

Covertly aggressive

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  1. Okay, prep work is done. Shaming — This is the technique of using subtle sarcasm and put-downs as a means of increasing fear and self-doubt in others.

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