Cowboy action shooting oregon


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Pack out what you pack in. This event will consist of two stages to test your abilities with Shotgun, Pistol and Rifle.

Cowboy action shooting oregon

The gate will open for another 45 minutes, so don't dally in leaving. After watching a couple of old westerns on TV on a rainy Saturday afternoon, he had a brain storm. Our trash is easily identified, since most of it consists of targets and target backs full of bullet holes.

Cowboy action shooting oregon

Cowboy action shooting oregon

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  1. Popular Events 3 Gun Are you wanting something more than just shooting around with your buddies? Scores for the December Cowboy Action Match are up!

  2. We need to keep trash from blowing off the ranges into neighboring properties. But before long an assemblage of rules began to take shape and the new shooting sport evolved into what it is today.

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