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Recent and often coyote activity can be kept in a log or marked down. We have reports of all kinds of coyote problems, even during broad daylight or them trying to get to dogs on a leash being walked, and the last thing you want to do is trigger coyotes to chase. Most departments have turned all wildlife problems to the private sector.

Coyotes louisville ky

Some cities are contracting private contractors for controlling coyotes. Short of the seasonal hunting of coyotes or the occasional coyote hit by a car, the numbers will never be controlled unless action is taken. You should also keep pets away from those areas as well, as many diseases mentioned are a greater risk to pets than people.

Coyotes louisville ky

Coyotes louisville ky

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  1. They can weigh as much as 40 lbs or more, with average being around 25 lbs for a adult.

  2. Coyotes breed in February and March and young are born around April and May producing as many as 19 pups, although average numbers are 5 — 7 pups. They can weigh as much as 40 lbs or more, with average being around 25 lbs for a adult.

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