Craigslist huntingdon county pa


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Also short distance to Mid State Trail. Set up for electric generator also has gas light and solar battery charger. Historical area has old RxR grade bordering property.

Craigslist huntingdon county pa

Goose and turkey populations are at record highs, small game rabbits, pheasants, grouse and squirrels are also very abundant and the deer management has undergone some dramatic and exciting changes in the last several years. Carport and shed poultry.

Craigslist huntingdon county pa

Craigslist huntingdon county pa

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  1. A place where the bounty of nature is around in so many different ways. Large yard provides ample room for the kids to play.

  2. Spacious 4 bedroom, 2 bath summer home partially furnished and ready for new owner.

  3. Carport and shed poultry.

  4. Do you desire simpler times?

  5. It is also renowned for having over one million licensed hunters. There is a fenced area to the back of the property near home.

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