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The general idea behind this is exactly what you think it is -- it involves a woman giving birth and having an orgasm at the same time. According to my Googling, there are , births a day, which means 1, women a day are having birth-caused orgasms, and that's kind of zany.

Craziest orgasm

Natural births, where a woman can relax, have a drink of Kool-Aid, and watch a little Magic Mike, are basically events replete with intense stimulation of the birth canal, cervix, vagina, and clitoris. One of her girls started to ride the other dude while her horny friend sucked her tits on the table.

Craziest orgasm

Craziest orgasm

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  1. I counter with the idea that anything weighing 8 pounds being shuttled out of your chunnel should give the tingly good-feeling part of your brain pause before it throws itself a party.

  2. I feel like the male equivalent of this would be a lazy hand job from the Hulk.

  3. I feel like the male equivalent of this would be a lazy hand job from the Hulk. I heard sometimes women tear open all the way down to their butthole when they give birth.

  4. The idea of childbirth being orgasmic rubs some people the wrong way, so to speak, specifically because of the activity you're engaging in.

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