Dangers of titanium rings


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The next morning one of the physicians suggested they try something else, namely bolt cutters, which are often on hand in hospitals. Nicks, too, says bolt cutters can come in handy when other methods have failed. Calla Gold , a jewelry designer in Santa Barbara, Calif.

Dangers of titanium rings

Titanium rings are becoming popular because of their strength, durability, low weight and hypoallergenicity. There is one additional difference between removing a titanium ring from a swollen body part and freeing said digit from a band fashioned of a different metal:

Dangers of titanium rings

Dangers of titanium rings

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  1. But that strength can also make them more difficult to remove. He'd taken a nice long soak in a warm tub, and a few hours later his fingers swelled enough to trap his ring.

  2. The ring needed to come off, since restricted blood flow can lead to tissue death in the finger, which is about as fun as it sounds. The fire service was called and attempted removal using specialised cutting equipment, which also failed.

  3. Calla Gold , a jewelry designer in Santa Barbara, Calif. And if that doesn't work, head to the ER.

  4. Interestingly, a number of those who reported encountering the rumor about titanium-encircled fingers needing to be amputated say they heard this claim from jewelers who were trying to warn them off from purchasing such bijoux and perhaps were trying to steer them towards more expensive items.

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