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Were there influential threads that generated a Syrian articulation of anarchism? The left has been very hostile to the Syrian uprising, treating the worst elements of anti-regime activity as if they are the only elements of it, and accepting regime narratives at face value. The US may not like Assad, but they have many times expressed that they believe that regime institutions should remain intact in order to ensure stability in a future Syria.

Darth nader

Many of the students who spontaneously emerged as charismatic organizers from within those protests before the uprising began disappearing very early on in the current uprising. Nader's broth of anti-business populism makes Gore's taste like pre-election dishwater; and its appeal spills over neatly to angry idealists on the trade, environmental and campaign finance reform fronts. I notice three other people, with big thick, Ginsbergian beards also leave their tables at the same time, deep in conversation, about something different.

Darth nader

Darth nader

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  1. Such actions were unheard of at the time. He runs the blog Darth Nader , reflecting on events within the Syrian revolution.

  2. The regime took self-determination away from the people, and any removal of the regime that results in replacing it with someone else who will dominate Syrians should not be seen as a success. You recently wrote on your blog about possible US intervention as a sort of corollary to Iranian and Russian intervention on behalf of Assad, and Islamist intervention in revolutionary movements.

  3. There is a bookshelf nearby with a disembodied head on it, which looks like Ralph Nader, and also a bit like Darth Vader when Luke takes his helmet off at the end of Return of the Jedi.

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