Daughter of a narcissistic father


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You not only survived narcissistic abuse — you can thrive after it. Did you abandon your dream of becoming a professional dancer just because your narcissistic father pushed you to go to law school? Psychological violence overlaps with the covert, insidious tactics that narcissistic parents use to chronically shame, degrade and belittle their children.

Daughter of a narcissistic father

You have a right to be cherished, loved, seen and heard just like any other imperfect human being in this world. However, deep down, we also have an intense fear of commitment, especially when it comes to committing to a person who may actually truly care for us.

Daughter of a narcissistic father

Daughter of a narcissistic father

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  1. It is crucial to clear that space for heathier relationships to enter and to breathe fresher air away from the constant toxicity. Many children of narcissists tend to get into one-sided friendships or relationships where they get drained by the other person without getting any benefits in return.

  2. It can also be a protective barrier against predators who are drawn to our empathy and resilience. Due to the enmeshed and dysfunctional family we grew up in, commitment to us signifies another person having complete control over us and our emotions.

  3. Do not allow your independence to deprive you of the love and affection you deserve and give freely to others, especially to those who are undeserving of your time, energy and efforts. Just because we may have had the misfortune to be raised in a different environment does not mean we deserved anything less.

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