Dealing with a workaholic husband


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Her husband decided to change jobs to find one that would allow him to spend more time with his family. And the fame makes me feel heady. This free time and space could be your chance to kick start your career again.

Dealing with a workaholic husband

Do not compare your lonely hours with that of your friends who have excellent family life. It depends on how much you honor your desires. Then your spouse is also a workaholic.

Dealing with a workaholic husband

Dealing with a workaholic husband

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  1. Love forever until death do us part You are here:

  2. A man addicted to work is a man who is emotionally unavailable, as most of his emotion is stuck in his work.

  3. Here's an objective look at how to cope with a workaholic husband, to avert marital problems.

  4. If you've tried getting your partner to have a romantic evening at home with little success, try going to a restaurant instead.

  5. Feeling lonely and abandoned is only natural.

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