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Karnazes also ascribes his endurance feats to an ability to remain under his lactate threshold - his body's ability to clear lactate from his blood and convert it to energy. At the time his parents still lived in the house where he had grown up. Later, he began to run diversionary routes that would extend his run and take him into uncharted territory.

Dean karanzes

Charles, Missouri , to spend more time with his family. At the time his parents still lived in the house where he had grown up. Cummings' running theory was that running is about finding your inner peace; his motto was "run with your heart".

Dean karanzes

Dean karanzes

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  1. At the end of the race, Coach McTavish commented: He was expected to finish the trip in January

  2. Since marathon races are typically held only on weekends, on the other days Karnazes accompanied by between one and 50 runners ran the course of a marathon in each state using the help of the race director and staff of each event to officially run the certified course, but on a different day than the "live" event. He's not a racer, just a very good performer.

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