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The wings were foldable. Other changes included single doors on each side of the fuselage, and installation of the improved 89kW Gipsy III; later examples were powered by the 97kW Gipsy Major.


One can afford the slight extra weight to allow for balance. Cabin windows have a neat system of assembly with acetate sandwiched between a balsa and a ply frame, adding both strength and scale effect while the undercarriage is made to give telescopic 'oleo' leg action for shock absorption.



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  1. Notable were swivelling main landing gear shock-absorber fairings which could be turned broadside to the airflow to act as airbrakes.

  2. Here's a scale subject that looks and flies as it should and we expect to see many like it at the scale model meetings. The design was extremely clean and performance exceeded expectation though production was delayed until a metal tube fuselage was developed to meet demands outside GB.

  3. Not very often do we get so enthusiastic over a scale design as with this fine flier - for here is a subject that performs as well as it appears.

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