Did egyptians wear togas


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The toga is undoubtedly the best-known garment from the ancient world. Jewels were heavy and rather bulky, which would indicate an Asian influence[ dubious — discuss ]. The wearer's left arm was usually enclosed in fabric, and the right arm was usually used to hold the toga in place.

Did egyptians wear togas

Costume of Ancient Rome. Though most togas were light in color, the toga pulla, which was worn by mourners, was a dark shade, such as black, dark brown, or gray.

Did egyptians wear togas

Did egyptians wear togas

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  1. Also when women are shown in movement, sitting or kneeling, the dress still clings to the outline of the body as if elasticated. Common people simply didn't have the time or the money to keep their togas in proper condition for public wear, and others grew tired of trying to accomplish their daily tasks while wearing the cumbersome cloak.

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