Dirtiest jokes one liners


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Why are men like diapers? Both wiggle when you eat them. What do you call a woman who is paralyzed from the waist down?

Dirtiest jokes one liners

Together, we can stop this shit. I went for a cheap circumcision - what a rip-off that was!

Dirtiest jokes one liners

Dirtiest jokes one liners

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He got united place on the job. Here's the unsurpassed way to enlargement your wife date when you're having sex?.
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  1. If there's a "pad" underneath, it's female. They lost the recipe.

  2. Having to kill them afterwards. Your job still sucks.

  3. Because they won't stop to ask directions.

  4. Both capture the moment.

  5. Other Dirty Jokes One Liners include: He kept getting in everyone's hair.

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