Divorced men and remarriage


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But some men, obviously, are OK with blending families or even starting new families, which is surprising considering how many men complain -- rightfully so -- about paying alimony often for life and child support, often for children they can barely see. The basic rule is that divorce and remarriage are not permitted, except for adultery or desertion, and that is the rule the church should stick to.

Divorced men and remarriage

But, concerning marriage's appeal -- or lack thereof -- studies indicate that women are often a lot happier after divorce , and since more middle-aged women seek divorce then men , Schwyzer may have a point -- why walk back into the same situation indeed? Are Divorced Men Scared of Remarrying?

Divorced men and remarriage

Divorced men and remarriage

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  1. What if the previous mate is now remarried? She lives about miles away.

  2. While it took me six years to leave, I will always remember her, and the story she was telling.

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