Do hummingbirds hitch a ride on geese


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But most hummingbirds found north of Mexico are highly migratory, spending the summer and winter in completely different areas. Originally Posted by Cakes btw- do hummingbirds have houses?

Do hummingbirds hitch a ride on geese

If they continue visiting your feeder in winter, they would have stayed anyway. One man swore he saw one in a tree. Originally Posted by Cakes I would really like to have some hummingbird guano for my garden.

Do hummingbirds hitch a ride on geese

Do hummingbirds hitch a ride on geese

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  1. That varies from species to species and even population to population.

  2. I do not think it is a valuable fertilizer

  3. The middle US states are visited by these wonderful creatures during late March and early April. It is common understanding today that you will not be able to keep a hummingbird from migration just by offering them sugar water.

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