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He not only helped kill retarded children during the war; he later used over preserved brains - an "internationally unique collection" - to study brain defects, research that made him a high authority on psychopathology in Austria for over four decades following the collapse of the Third Reich. In the play a doctor who is played by Rainer Frieb states, in precisely the words that Gross himself has used, his own justification for what he is doing: Spiegelgrund, which opens at the Volkstheater tomorrow night, is based on allegations surrounding the tale of Heinrich Gross, an Austrian doctor who stands accused of carrying out the killings of at least children as part of the Third Reich's euthanasia programme.

Dr heinrich gross

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Dr heinrich gross

Dr heinrich gross

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  1. He straightened, nodded to his lawyer, then produced a thin smile. Gross was finally brought to trial in , but since Austria was an occupied country he was tried under German law, which until recently held that the killing of mentally handicapped people was not murder.

  2. He was given Austria's highest award for services to science and art, the Honorary Cross, first class, but was stripped of it in

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