Duct tape and wd40


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The security guys are there to keep your data and your computers safe. As IT guys, we understand that. It will both lubricate the parts and seal out any dust.

Duct tape and wd40

And I admit, I have a roll sitting on a shelf in my garage. But, WD40 also evaporates.

Duct tape and wd40

Duct tape and wd40

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  1. It will both lubricate the parts and seal out any dust. Once the WD40 evaporates, the gunk is still there and your hinge is going to be worse than ever.

  2. WD40 is okay for them, right?

  3. I have a friend who repairs classic pinball machines.

  4. WD40 is not a lubricant, despite what the can says. Don't use WD on plastic products like iPads or paintball guns, because it can melt some of the parts or seals.

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