Eastern suburbs illawarra line


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The four track section ends at Hurstville. When opened, the integration with the rest of the Sydney network announced as a result of the report had not been completed, so the line operated as a short-lived self-contained shuttle service between Central and Bondi Junction at five-minute frequencies during the day and peak. These works were a diversion from Bradfield's plan which had trains emanating from St James not Central.

Eastern suburbs illawarra line

History[ edit ] Proposals for a line to the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney had first been associated with demands in the s that the railway be extended into Sydney's city, rather than terminating at the original Sydney station on the south of city. The lines go back underground at Bondi Junction.

Eastern suburbs illawarra line

Eastern suburbs illawarra line

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  1. The section of track between Illawarra Junction and Hurstville was quadruplicated between and The work was completed in time for the introduction of a new timetable on 28 May

  2. The Minister for Works eventually agreed on this new route, although construction was again briefly halted when the contractors refused to recommence work on the disputed section.

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