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You'll find that there's never a dull moment when a Gnorbu is around, because we're always eager to share a joke or tell a comical tale based on our experiences Neopia. I hope that you find it interesting and informative. We still have a ways to go with this project.


With the view that history is to be preserved for posterity, for present and future generations, to learn from and be inspired by, rather than to be placed on a pedestal to be unduly revered. For example, it's often pointed out that we Gnorbu aren't exactly the most fleet-footed species in Neopia. Henri Corea — President Chas.



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  1. The project also evoked an interest in links to one another and an awareness of the need to preserve information and documents pertaining to the family. When it comes to the Gnorbu species, we are generally best known for our spirited sense of humour.

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  3. Unlike Meercas, who have more of a reputation as pranksters, Gnorbu tend more toward witty remarks, comical stories, and quotable quips. The Constitution of the ECFU lists among its objectives, the fostering of fellowship to promote a sense of mutual respect among members, to provide relief at times of distress, to assist in the education of children when required and to promote the welfare of the membership.

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