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You can launch your boat to enjoy fishing, water skiing and jet skiing on the lake. The desire was to draw attention to the Mississippi River for its beauty and solace as well as its historical significance to Elk River.

Elk river zip code mn

In the latter half of the 19th century, agriculture and dairy farming replaced lumber as the base of Elk River's economy. The Orono-Elk River area continued to grow until by it had reached a population of people.

Elk river zip code mn

Elk river zip code mn

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  1. Houlton Conservation Area[ edit ] This Conservation Area was acquired with funding provided by the Outdoor Heritage Fund and is open to the public for hunting and fishing during the regular open seasons, as designated by the State of Minnesota and in accordance with current state hunting and fishing regulations, as restricted listed on the city website.

  2. Local artist Frank Gosiak created and painted the mural. By , Elk River swelled to a population of 2, and became the county seat in

  3. Zebulon Pike passed through the area on his exploration of the upper Mississippi River and named the Elk River after the herds of elk he saw in the area. The majority of people moving to Elk River by that time were from Northern Europe.

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