Empath sociopath


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It is a tale as old as time. A type of telepathy that acts as an antennae that allows us to discern who is real and who is without a soul!

Empath sociopath

As these mirror neurons fire in our brains and aura, it also effects all of the brains and auras of the people, empathising with the emotions and the feelings of others, and ourselves. And you know why? The sociopath, is the end personality structure for the narcissist.

Empath sociopath

Empath sociopath

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  1. As these two continue to learn about one another, the sociopath slowly throws in small lines that devalue their counterpart in a tactful and clever way. Frequently, the sociopath will pull that card back into their deck in hopes of once again controlling that person.

  2. A superficial charm is what distracts an empath from the deeper and more disturbing nature of a sociopath. They laugh and they feel a connection that is almost instant.

  3. Empathy is a non verbal communication tool that enables non verbal, to communicate.

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